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Convincing Interpersonal Communication

Help your employees understand how to create effective convincing interpersonal communication!

Managers and HR Professionals need to understand how to persuasively communicate important information to subordinates and other employees. Convincing Interpersonal Communication helps professionals lead others using effective communication by understanding personalities and their affect on interpersonal relationships.

Module I “Leadership Today”

  • Welcome
  • Concerns Leaders have Today
  • Social Signposts Concepts
  • Zone Impacts on Leadership
  • Great Leaders and their
  • Characteristics
  • Identifying My Leadership Challenges
  • . . . a questionnaire

Module II “Jungle Motives”

  • Understanding Personality
  • Identifying Your Unique Motive
  • Five Keys to Successful Relationships
  • Communicating with Other Personalities
  • Setting Goals for People You Work With

Module III “Leadership Tools”

  • The importance of Communication
    for Leaders Today
  • The FourMat
  • Electronic Communication
  • Meeting Management
  • Interviewing Tips
  • Conflict Resolution
  • The Importance of Continual Improvement

Each module will be delivered in three 2 1⁄2 hour modules with assignments given between sessions. The workshop will be fast-paced with 70% of the time spent in skill-building activities. All employees can benefit from IFI’s Convincing Interpersonal Communication workshop.

All employees can benefit from IFI’s Convincing Interpersonal Communication workshop.

Improving all forms of communication!

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