Pathway to Leadership: Foundations Series - IFI Training
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Pathway to Leadership: Foundations Series

What is the Pathway to Leadership: Foundations Series?

Your organization will see improved employee growth and retention, increased job performance and better communication with others as a result of training your leaders in the Foundational Leadership Series. The series includes four 4-hour live webinars and focuses on easy-to-use tools that enable participants to become more effective leaders. Participants begin the program by taking the Comprehensive Leadership Inventory to recognize strengths and skill gaps and then develop an improvement plan.

What can I Expect from the Pathway to Leadership Program?

  • Tool-Based Content – Tool-based training gives participants the ability to effectively assess & apply new skills in a variety of settings.
  • Exercise-Based Workshops – Skill-building exercises and activities create a fun environment that help participants learn by doing.
  • Application Activities – Between each workshop, participants complete application activities to help practice and apply new skills.
  • Weekly, Instructor-led Training – During the 4 consecutive weeks, participants meet in a live, virtual setting for 4 hours.
  • Materials that Foster Learning – Workbooks and quick reference guides make learning easy and enjoyable.
  • Coaching & Follow-Up – Participants receive one-on-one coaching throughout the Pathway to Leadership series and for three months following completion of the program.
  • Leadership Portfolio – The workshop series gives participants a portfolio they can use to showcase the skills they have developed.

Participants Learn To:

  • Understand team dynamics
  • Be more productive
  • Communicate effectively to meet a variety of needs and circumstances
  • Understand and value different perspectives and personalities
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence
  • Take control of their workday focusing on important tasks

What is covered in the Program?

I. Understanding Those You Lead

Maximize your leadership potential by understanding those you report to and lead. Establish a foundation for improvement to continue growing long after the workshop is over.

II. Effective Teams

Create synergistic teams that meet goals, reduce conflict and improve relationships. The foundation to forming effective teams is understanding how to appropriately interact with team members.

III. Effective Communication

Help those you work with maximize results by using effective communication tools. The pathway to communicating effectively begins with clear communication. This workshop provides communication tools to create communication that gets action.

IV. Managing Priorities

Distractions play a major role in our current work environment. This workshop will help participants know how their role fits in with organizational priorities and maximize their time effectively.

What is the Pathway to Leadership?

The Foundational Leadership Series is part I of the Pathway to Leadership certificate program. Graduates from this series continue to grow their skills and learn to apply leadership tools in a variety of situations with the next 8 workshops.

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