Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving - IFI Training
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Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving

When problem are recognized and dealt with effectively, job performance increases!

A 1-day workshop designed to give participants a repeatable process for
identifying problems and developing more strategic solutions.

Why train your professionals in Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving?

Few skills can impact an organization’s success like being able to solve problems and make strategic plans for the future. And yet these critical skills are taught very infrequently in high school and college.

With a systematic, process approach to solving problems and strategic planning, this workshop will transfer those necessary skills to employees
at any level and with any background. Few programs offer so much return-on-investment as Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving.

What skills will a participant learn?

By attending the Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving workshop, your professionals will learn to:

  • Recognize and define concerns that get in the way of improved business solutions
  • Unlock your creative abilities to think “outside the box”
  • Understand Emotional Intelligence and take responsibility for improving work quality and your work environment
  •  Recognize the role of change and the value change brings to your company
  • Develop plans to bring about solutions
  • Effectively communicate plans for improvement and change

How will the participant benefit from Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving Workshop?

Each workshop participant will learn to:

  • Define possible problems and brainstorm potential solutions
  • Prioritize situations and create a balanced plan to deal with problems as they arise
  • Increase job satisfaction and performance
  • Create solutions that help your organization and keep all those involved happy with the outcome

How will the corporation benefit from Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving Workshop??

After training, your organization will see:

  • Improved thought processes
  • Fewer unresolved problems within the corporation
  • Effective communication of solution plans within the corporation
  • Increased employee satisfaction

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