Professionalism and Business Acumen - IFI Training
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Professionalism and Business Acumen

Help employees understand the ever changing rules of business – from appearance and dress to communication!

Why train your professionals in Professionalism and Business Acumen?

The workplace is composed of greater diversity than ever before. Participants gain an understanding of how their own personal brand fits into their organization as well as how to help their employees develop a professional brand to improve how they present themselves.

What skills will a participant learn?

By attending the Professionalism and Business Acumen workshop, your professionals will learn:

  • Understand the rules for a personal professional brand and why they matter
  • Better understand goal setting and how to use it to have a more successful career
  • Manage time more effectively to meet organizational goals and objectives

How will the corporation benefit from theProfessionalism and Business Acumen ?

After training, your organization will see:

  • Improved team respect and communication
  • Improved leadership pipeline
  • Decreased employee turnover

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