Technical Writing

Sales skills that work with your process to sell

A 2-Day Workshop designed to improve the technical writing skills of professionals involved in R&D, Product Development, Engineering, and other technical disciplines.

Why train your professionals in Technical Writing?

Management consultants agree the most important competitive edge in any company is its intellectual capital. Technology can make or break a company. Professionals involved in research and product development are a key part of keeping a company on top in their field.

Your technical professionals must be able to write clear, concise documents. Frequently, technical information must be presented to non-technical audiences.

What skills will a participant learn?

By attending the Technical Writing Workshop, your technical professionals will learn to:

      • Use a repeatable, process-approach to writing
      • Communicate technical information to a non-technical audience
      • Write better organized documents quickly and easily
      • Revise and edit documents for content, clarity, and accuracy
      • Create documents that communicate a designed strategy
      • Analyze audience expectations and needs
      • Use visuals to communicate complex technical information effectively

How will the participant benefit from the Technical Writing Workshop?

We take the mystery out of technical writing. Participants learn what good written communication is and can identify problems in their own documents.
Each workshop participant will learn and practice effective technical writing skills. Participants will learn an easy to use process for planning and producing reader-friendly technical reports and other documents quickly with very little editing.

    How will the corporation benefit from the Technical Writing workshop?

    After training, your organization will see:

        • Increased productivity
        • Improved work quality
        • Better business decisions
        • Improved product development
        • Faster approval from internal and external agencies

    Intellectual Capital + Effective Communication Skills = Competitive Edge!

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