Positive Conflict Resolution

A 4-8 hour workshop designed to transfer the skills needed to understand other personality types and communicate in ways that resolve conflicts.

Why train your professionals in Positive Conflict Resolution?

Face it, corporations have changed a lot over the past 10 years. Today’s corporations are more diverse than ever before. With this diversity comes specific challenges. One challenge that can ruin productivity, cause high turnover, and kill employee morale is Conflict.

What skills will a participant learn?

By attending the Positive Conflict Resolution workshop, your professionals will learn to:

  • Recognize triggers that make people angry
  • Use the Jungle Motives personality assessment to identify other personality types
  • Develop an interpersonal communication strategy for dealing with other people
  • Communicate clearly by thinking before you speak and saying what you really mean
  • Listen to what others are really saying

What will participants learn in the Positive Conflict Resolution?

Each workshop participant will learn to:

  • Understand and identify with coworkers
  • Create better relationships with clients and coworkers
  • Increase job satisfaction and performance
  • Reach agreements that help your organization and keep all those involved happy with the outcome

How will the corporation benefit from the Positive Conflict Resolution workshop?

After training, your organization will see:

  • Improved sales with higher profit margins
  • Better relationships with people outside the corporation
  • Fewer unresolved personal disputes within the corporation
  • More satisfied employees
  • Win-win agreements and solutions

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