Managing Proposal Strategies

A 2-day, workshop designed to give proposal managers and “book bosses” the needed skills to manage teams that win federal and commercial proposals. Plan first, then execute!

Why train your sales professionals in Managing Proposal Strategies?

One of the most challenging jobs in all of corporate America is managing proposal teams. The task to produce winning proposals requires a unique set of skills not natural to most people. Those skills include:

  • Team Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Developing Win Strategies
  • Advanced Communication

This workshop gives participants specific tools to manage your existing proposal development process.

What skills will participants learn?

By attending Managing Proposal Strategies, your professionals will learn how to:

  • Ask the “right” questions from Capture Managers to ensure a winning proposal
  • Effectively motivate and lead a team to stay on task and meet objectives
  • Develop a competitive win strategy to beat the competition
  • Create a Style-sheet to create a seamless proposal that sells
  • Conduct a Kick-off Meeting that provides section writers with the information they need to be effective
  • Craft win themes throughout your proposal to drive home your message “Why us!”
  • Conduct effective “Pink-team” and “Redteam” reviews and give constructive criticism
  • Ensure proposals are completed on time and with enough time to produce a polished finished product

How will participants benefit from the Managing Proposal Strategies workshop?

  • Get the most from proposal team members
  • Conduct effective meetings
  • “Strip out” an RFP to find customer hot buttons
  • Use a repeatable process approach to communicate clearly with team members and management
  • Develop customer win strategies
  • Recognize company and competitor strengths and weaknesses
  • Use “Color” reviews to get the most from evaluation members
  • Write an effective Executive Summary
  • Develop Compliance Checklists
  • Use effective storyboarding techniques to plan for unexpected changes

How will the corporation benefit from the Building Better Customer Relationships workshop?

After training, your organization will see:

    • Higher proposal win rates
    • More satisfied proposal production teams
    • Decreased proposal production costs

Strategic proposals win!

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