Negotiation Strategies

A 1 or 2-Day Workshop designed to improve the negotiation skills of business professionals who need to be persuasive and arrive at win-win solutions.

Why train in Negotiation Strategies?

Your organization depends on professionals who can make the best possible arrangements with customers, creditors, suppliers, and peers. Negotiating skills are critical to a successful business whether you close business, manage a budget or supervise others in the company!

Effective negotiators:

  • Minimize lost time and costs while contributing to better interpersonal relationships with people both inside and outside the company.
  • Know that negotiation is not an event, but a process.
  • Make all parties involved feel good about the negotiation process as well as the outcome

What skills will participants learn in Negotiation Strategies

By attending the Negotiation Strategies workshop, your professionals will learn to:

  • Identify the most common tactics used in negotiating and be able to use them to reach the best conclusion
  • Anticipate the three factors that affect the outcome of every negotiation and use them for improved results
  • Understand the three stages that occur in each negotiation process and improve skills to progress through the process
  • Understand the power of win-win conclusions and the benefits to all parties
  • Recognize the importance of inflections, body language and other non-verbal behavior in the negotiation process

How will participants benefit from the Negotiation Strategies workshop?

Each workshop participant will learn to:

  • Arrive at more effective agreements and solutions to problems
  • Create better relationships with clients and co-workers
  • Gain more confidence in their ability to negotiate
  • Reach agreements that help your organization and keep all those involved happy with the outcome

How will the corporation benefit from the Negotiation Strategies workshop?

After training, your organization will see:

  • Improved sales with higher profit margins
  • Better relationships with people outside the corporation
  • Fewer unresolved personal disputes within the corporation
  • More satisfied employees
  • Win-win agreements and solutions

Strategic proposals win!

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