About Us

IFI Training was formed in 1998 when 3 business professionals saw that training was largely ineffective for the changes that the new millennium was going to present. They developed a process that guarantees skill transfer. As a leading small, woman-owned business, IFI Training continues to serve our clients by improving individuals one skill set at a time.

The IFI Training Process

Our approach to training is unique. We recognize that skill transfer occurs when we consistently apply principles, becoming just a little bit better one “drop” at a time. Your employees will receive skills that
improve their performance through:


Pre-workshop customization

  • We tailor content to meet your organizational needs

Engaging, tool-based training

  • Fun, 70% exercise-based workshops
  • Our training centers on tools that allow you to change
  • Each training includes manuals, handouts, quick-reference guides and prizes

Follow-up and coaching

  • Every participant receives a year of consulting after the training
  • We offer a follow-up one months after training via webinar

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