Strategic Listening

A 1-day workshop designed to improve the active listening skills that are critical in business today.

Why train your professionals in Strategic Listening Skills?

Few skills can mean so much in organizations today as active listening skills. Being able to truly listen to others is the foundation of good communication and building relationships of trust. Active listening skills are also not something that is taught in school today. With more distractions and less interpersonal communication in human history, effective listening skills can be the difference in a profitable organization, or one that fails.

What skills will a participant learn in Strategic Listening?

 By attending the Strategic Listening Skills workshop, your professionals will learn:

  • The definition of Strategic Listening
  • The difference between hearing and listening
  • What active listening skills are and how to really hear what others are saying
  • How to improve listening by understanding your personality style and that of your audience
  • How to recognize the effects of non-verbal communication on those around you
  • To understand the value of hearing, interpreting, evaluating, and responding, which are the four components of the strategic listening process

What will participants learn in the Team Building Workshop?

As a result of attending this workshop, participants will see:

  • better business relationships
  • improved communication flow
  • less frustration with redundant communication
  • less conflict

    How will the corporation benefit from the Strategic Listening Skills workshop?

    After training, your organization will see:

        • Better business decisions
        • Improved communication quality
        • Increased productivity
        • More successful and satisfied employees

    Strategic proposals win!

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