Pathway to Leadership

The Pathway to Leadership consists of 12 workshops that are designed to maximize leadership potentials. The program is divided into 3 series which each have 4 workshops.

Why train your professionals in Pathway to Leadership?

Your employees will drive organizational growth by receiving the tools they need to be successful leaders at all levels of management. The Pathway to Leadership Certificate Program is an affordable series of 12 4-hour workshops designed to be spaced out over a customizable schedule from 6 weeks to a year. Your organization will see improved employee growth and retention, increased job performance and better communication with internal and external clients.

How will your organization benefit?

Hiring, Retention and Turnover

  • Higher employee engagement & job
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Improved leadership pipeline
  • Better recruiting

Organizational Growth

  • Increased productivity
  • Consistent employee experience
  • Build your competitive edge


  • Better information to drive decision-making
  • Solve more of your business problems
  • Establish an open culture of collaboration and learning
  • Employees who know how to work with upper management


  • Higher client retention
  • More satisfied, happy customers
  • Fewer customer complaints

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