Our workshops are designed to maximize skill transfer. They go beyond teaching principles to teaching tools that give actionable insights to help your employees perform their jobs better every day. All IFI Training workshops are customized to your organizational needs. They can be delivered in person or virtually. Talk to your IFI Training consultant to learn how to proceed today!

Leadership and Professional Development

Developing professionals to be leaders is one of  the most critical moves companies can make for long term success. Employees with Comprehensive Leadership abilities such as problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills can be the difference in creating a culture that breeds success. Participants who enroll in IFI Training’s Leadership and Professional Development workshops will be better suited to handle dynamic situations.


Poor communication skills can kill productivity, create interpersonal issues and cost your company business. All of these issues impact your bottom line in ways that can and can’t be measured. IFI Trainin’s Communication workshops are targeted to help your employees use tools to increase the effectiveness of their message and decrease the amount of time they spend in meetings, presentations and while creating and reading reports. 

Business Development and Sales

Everyone knows that the lifeblood of your business is sales. Training your business development, customer service and sales professionals will help grow your business and save business expenses through happier customers and employees, more return business and a more responsive team to clients’ needs. IFI Training workshops cover everything from writing winning proposals, to capture assessment, customer service and negotiations.

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