Strategic Business Writing

Efficiently write effective business documents with purpose

A 1 or 2-Day Workshop designed to improve the business writing skills of professionals who need to write clear, concise business documents.

Why train your professionals in Strategic Business Writing?

With the vast amount of information communicated in today’s corporations, business professionals need to write in a style that conveys information succinctly and efficiently.

Business organizations are judged in part by the documents they send to their “customers” (both internal and external). Your documents need to project a positive image of your organization. With more competition than ever, businesses must ensure that all correspondence sends a quality message.


What skills will a participant learn?

By attending the Strategic Business Writing workshop, your professionals will learn to:

  • Use a repeatable process approach to writing
  • Write documents that meet the needs of the reader
  • Write documents quickly and easily
  • Revise and edit documents for content, clarity, and accuracy
  • Create documents that communicate a designed strategy
  • Analyze audience needs and expectations
  • Reduce the amount of time needed to read their documents

    How will the participant benefit from the Strategic Business Writing workshop?

    We take the mystery out of writing. Participants learn what good written communication is and can identify problems in their own documents.

    Each workshop participant will learn and practice strategic business writing skills. Participants will also learn an easy to use process for planning and producing documents quickly with very little editing.

    How will the corporation benefit from the Strategic Business Writing workshop?

    After training, your organization will see:

    • Increased productivity
    • Improved work quality
    • Better business decisions
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Improved attitudes about writing
    • Better communication through written documents

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