Proposal Briefings that Matter

A 2-Day Workshop designed to improve your team presentations to win a proposal effort.

Why train your sales professionals in Proposal Briefings that Matter?

The single most important presentation your organization makes is a “short-list” presentation. You have submitted a proposal and are selected as one of the few organizations to present. You select a team of professionals that have a limited time to “present your proposal”, a presentation we call a Proposal Briefing. If they work well as a team, are polished, and present your company as the best solution, you win! If not, You lose!

What skills will participants learn?

By attending the Proposal Briefings that Matter workshop, your professionals will learn to:

  • Work together to maximize each team members’ strengths
  • Think “on their feet” to deliver a more client-focused presentation
  • Organize information into key points that flow in a logical order
  • Present a seamless proposal briefing
  • Design and use effective visuals that reinforce the message
  • Prepare for and respond to audience participation
  • Manage timing adjustments in their proposal briefings

How will participants benefit from the Proposal Briefings that Matter workshop?

Your business development professionals learn what makes a good proposal briefing. They then learn a systematic process approach for designing and delivering effective proposal briefings for short-listed proposals. Using this process, your professionals will reduce the amount of time they spend preparing for a proposal briefing.

Each workshop participant will gain more confidence in their ability to make effective proposal briefings that close more business. They will also be able to critique and help improve the presentation quality of others in the organization.

    How will the corporation benefit from the Proposal Briefings that Matter workshop?

    After training, your organization will see:

    • Increased proposal win ratios
    • Improved presentation quality
    • Increased productivity
    • Better teamwork in Business Development

    Strategic proposals win!

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