Team Building

A modular workshop, usually 1-day, designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of those working in teams and enhance the managerial skills of team leaders.

Why work on your teams?

The latest research conducted in companies that have switched to a team approach shows that people who work in teams:

  • Accomplish more on the job.
  • Produce higher quality work.
  • Are happier about their jobs.
  • Create higher customer satisfaction

Empowered employee teams solve problems, improve work processes, and develop better products. They manage themselves and otherwise make business work effectively. Teams are here to stay.

Why train your team in Team Building?


For years, job performance and compensation–including salaries, bonuses and promotions–have been based on individual performance. Now, in order to stay competitive, companies have asked individuals to work in teams. Although teams can increase employee effectiveness and improve efficiency, many people don’t know how to work on a team as a team player.

The shift from individual performance to team performance requires new skills. Effective team members must develop new interpersonal and process skills–skills that may not come naturally. Team members and team leaders are most effective when they are trained in team dynamics and team roles and rules. They are most productive when they know how to communicate with other team members, and how to conduct team meetings.

What will participants learn in the Team Building Workshop?

Each workshop participant will learn how to:

  • Work together as a team to achieve maximum team success
  • Encourage participation from other team members
  • Make decisions as a team
  • Avoid conflict within the team
  • Bring their ideas to life
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Conduct team meetings
  • Demonstrate team leadership

How will the corporation benefit from the Team Building workshop?

After training, your organization will see:

      • An increase in team productivity
      • An improvement of work quality
      • Happy, successful team members
      • Employee longevity
      • More customer loyalty

Strong teams get results!

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