Sales Training - IFI Training
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Sales Training

The best product doesn’t always win. Cut the gimmicks, increase your win percentage and work with your client to develop the solution that they need. We work with you to help refine your sales process to place your product in a winning position so that it succeeds in the marketplace. Learn more about Proposal Writing Strategies, Capture Assessment, Diagnostic visits and other sales training.


Negotiation Strategies Workshop

A 1 or 2-Day Workshop designed to improve the negotiation skills of business professionals who need to be persuasive and arrive at win-win solutions.

Proposal Briefings That Win

A 2-Day Workshop designed to improve your team presentations to win a proposal effort.

Building Better Customer Relationships

A 1-Day Workshop designed to help business professionals form close relationships with new customers and deepen existing customer relationships.

Managing Proposal Strategies

A 2-day, workshop designed to give proposal managers and “book bosses” the needed skills to manage teams that win federal and commercial proposals. Plan first, then execute!

Proposal Writing Strategies

A 1 or 2-Day Workshop designed to improve the proposal writing skills of engineers, sales, marketing and other professionals who need to write clear, benefit-focused proposals that win.

Customer Satisfaction Strategies

A 1-Day Workshop designed to help business professionals attract, satisfy, and preserve “customers”, both internal and external.

Say It Right And Sell

A 2-Day Workshop designed to improve the oral communication skills of sales professionals who need to make clear, benefit-focused presentations that sell.

Effective Business Development

A multi-day, customized sales leadership program designed to transfer needed new business development skills to sales and technical professionals working with customers.