Engaging and Retaining Employees

This 1-2 day workshop help you learn how to spot signs of disengagement early with employees and how to turn those around to keep them engaged. You’ll be able to encourage employees of various backgrounds to thrive in the long-term at your organization. 

Why train in Engaging and Retaining Employees?

73% of people who quit jobs say they leave managers, not the job. This workshop is designed to help leaders develop relationships that effectively engage employees and improve retention. Understanding your employees is the secret sauce to engaging them. or one that fails.

What skills will participants learn in the Engaging and Retaining Employees?

By attending the Engaging and Retaining Employees workshop, your professionals will learn:

  • Use individualized incentives to motivate employees by understanding their perspective, differences and motivations
  • Recognize early signs for disengagement and preemptively encourage engagement
  • Quickly assess new employees to help them improve career opportunities

    How will the corporation benefit from the Engaging and Retaining Employees workshop?

    After training, your organization will see:

    • Decreased employee turnover
    • Increased productivity and employee morale
    • Improved Leadership Pipeline

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