3D Relationships

IFI Training’s 3D Relationships is a set of three powerful tools to help you form effective relationships with anyone. By using IFI Training’s 3D Relationships, your organization will:

  • Improve employee engagement by creating a culture of inclusiveness
  • Increase team morale and productivity with better performance evaluations
  • Decrease turnover by giving managers real-world skills to meet the needs of their employees
  • Develop a Leadership Pipeline from team leads to C-suite leaders
  • Decrease disagreements and misunderstandings with more effective communication

Personality: Jungle Motives™

This tool is our unique personality assessment that is more accurate and user friendly than other personality instruments. Jungle Motives™ tells the user what “animal” they are: Monkey, Bear, Horse, or Jungle Cat. The tool then helps the user understand how to communicate with different “animals” to improve relationships. Jungle Motives is an integral part of our leadership and “people development” curriculum.

Character: Spots & Stripes™

Is our tool to form deeper relationships of trust and respect. This tool includes an assessment that helps individuals understand why people do what they do. Spots & Stripes™ goes hand-in-hand with Jungle Motives™ and Herd™ to give you a complete picture of an individual and fills in the gaps we often overlook in the business world.

Perspective: Herds™

Herds™ helps you understand the societal experiences that shape perspective. You could say that Herds™ our take on “generational” training. Unlike generations, waves are not dependent on age, but divides groups by social waves. A significant element of Waves helps participants customize communication to other waves and gives participants ways to connect and form better relationships.

Jungle Motives:

Building Healthy Relationships Through Personality

This full-color, user-friendly book provides practical insights and actionable strategies to improve interpersonal skills, fostering stronger professional and personal connections. Learn how to acknowledge, respect, and trust personality differences, by turning routine interactions into chances for true engagement and collaboration.

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